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Two of the heroes in my life have always been George and Hannah Burridge. I've had it in mind, since I learned HTML, that I should create a website for their posterity. A place to learn about our great ancestors and understand who we are and where we came from.

Material has come from several sources. I have used the histories written by my great-aunt and their granddaughter, Ann Neddo. Ann and her sister Ella are also heroes that have helped me all my life. Those who knew them can tell you that Ann rarely did anything without her sister, and in honoring the one we honor them both.

I have referred to Grandpa's diaries that we have preserved in typed form. My mother, Donna Anderson, has supplied me with several pictures and others I have taken myself in trips back to St. Johns and Shambip, Utah. I should also credit my mother with her help, even when I misinterpreted history.

As I've worked on this site, many questions have come to mind. What happened to Grandpa's sword? When Johnson's army came was Grandpa in Echo canyon or accompanying Hannah and the children as they evacuated Tooele? Who owns the "sandy lot" in Tooele that he couldn't sell when they moved to Rush Valley?

Please: If you have any pictures or stories that you feel belong on this site, e-mail me:

I am particularly interested in receiving pictures of past reunions, family get-togethers and any other pictures of George, Hannah or their family. If you e-mail me pictures, please identify who the people are.

Corrections, as long as they are documented, are also welcome. I can make enough historical errors without introducing those of others.

As you can see, I plan on having the diaries and histories available. Eventually I will make them available in WORD format from this site.

Like all websites, this will be constantly evolving and in a constant state of "construction". Check back often to see what's been added.

George and Hannah, 'til we meet again!

Dennis Anderson, webmaster and great-great-grandson

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