Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Falls

One of the world's highest waterfalls, it's 3 sections total 2,425 feet.


The top portion is a fall of 1,430 feet. There's a middle cascades section that measures 675 feet and the lower portion is 320 feet. The wind generated by the falling water is unbelievable.

As massive as this waterfall is, it's another temporary waterfall. It usually becomes a trickle in late July or August and may dry up completely in the fall. In the winter a cone of ice develops that may measure as high as 322 feet. For more information see the article at the Yosemite NPS website.

There's an easy 1/4 mile loop trail that passes near the base of the lower falls. There are more strenuous trails that actualy climb to the top of the falls. It takes around 1.5 hours just to get to the top of lower falls and plan on 4 "grueling" hours to the top. Here's a website that talks about the hike. Obviously they are in better shape than I am.

For information on climbing the Lost Arrow Spire see this site.


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2005 visit and we're getting soaked again. Here's Chantel, Ryan (red shirt), Matt and Charlyn

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Upper falls, from the beginning of the lower falls loop trail

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Upper Yosemite and the Lost Arrow Spire. Look to the right of the falls, near the point of the mountain.

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Looking straight on at Yosemite Falls

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Another spot along the loop trail. From left - Robbie, Chantel, Matt, Ryan. Michael and RoseMary.

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One of several footbridges that cross Yosemite Creek on the lower falls loop trail. That's Robbie on his knees, looking for fish while Charlyn, Matt and Chantel look on.

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What a difference 24 hours makes - same spot or near it. Photo taken by NPS photographer Monday, May 16, 2005

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