Norris Geyser Basin

Norris is the hottest of the geyser basins. It's geysers are generally small and there are several hot pools and springs. Norris is probably the most water-starved of all the major geyser basins, as well as the most acidic.

There are two major trails - the Porcelain Basin and the Back Basin. The visitors' center at Norris has a good explanation of geysers and hot springs. If you go, plan on spending 4 hours or so here - and enjoy both trail loops.

The highest geyser in the world, at times erupting to 300 feet and more, the Steamboat Geyser is located here. Unfortunately it goes years between major eruptions.

Click on a picture to get a 800x600 view (these are 400x300).

RoseMary and Shana with the Porcelain Basin in back
Near the end of the Porcelain Basin trail loop
One of the small geysers along the Porcelain Basin trail.
Shana and Van near the end of the Porcelain Basin loop. Notice the storm clouds. We were treated to several severe mountain rainstorms during our stay.


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