North gate near Gardiner, Montana

My love affair with Yellowstone goes back to the times when, as a young boy, my parents or my mother's aunts (Ann and Ella Neddo) took us to Yellowstone for vacations. That was back in the days when it wasn't unusual to see 20or more bears in a day romaing alongside the roads, "holding up" cars and rummaging around in the trashcans. Today it is rare to see a bear in Yellowstone, at least along the roads. The Yellowstone bears have been forced to break the link to humans and live as wild creatures. Better for the bears, but sometimes I still get nostalgic for the old days.

Most of the pictures shown here were taken in our very brief 2001 trip. We had quite a group. RoseMary and me, our daughter Laurel, another daughter Shana and her husband Van and their 3 children - Cheri, Brandon and Brittany, three more grandchildren, Michael, Chantel and Robbie and RoseMary's niece Barbara Matthews. Originally we were going to be in Yellowstone for a week, but as plans developed we were in Yellowstone for just a couple of days and in Bozeman, MT for 3 days.

I was tour guide so I didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as I wanted (would I ever get that chance?). To add insult to injury, before I could get all my pictures developed and/or downloaded, some low-down snake broke into our house and stole all my cameras. I still haven't replaced my digital camera or camcorder and some of the pictures could never be replaced either.

If you aren't familiar with Yellowstone geography, here's a map (opens in a new window) from the official yellowstone park site.

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