Yellowstone Animals - page 1

There are many animals in the park. Of the large mammals, you'll see a lot of elk and buffalo and a few moose. Perhaps a bear, wolves and maybe a mountain sheep or two if you're fortunate. There are many kinds of birds and smaller mammals as well.

Don't feed the animals or get too close. They're wild and dangerous. In fact there are many more tourists killed and injured every year by buffalo than by any of the carnivores.

Click on a picture to get a 800x600 view (these are 400x300).

There's usually a herd of elk hanging around Mammoth.
Perhaps you'll see a mountain sheep around the obsidian cliffs or near Mount Washburn
Yeah, he really was this close. My daughter, Charlyn shot this from the car with the window down.
A marmot near Gibbons falls.


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