Our 2005 - Present Weight-loss Story

Perhaps this will serve as a bit of inspiration for somebody who is in the same shape as we were. To illustrate, here are a couple of "before" pictures.

This picture was taken in July, 2004 in Independence, Missouri. We got BIGGER before we decided it was time to get better.
June, 2005 - this was as big as we got!


Christmas Eve, 2006 with our grandson Zeke.

Yeah, a bit of a difference isn't there. By Christmas time, 2006 We each discarded more than 70 pounds of FAT. There's about 150 lbs. less of us.The weight loss continues today (update November 2007 - RoseMary's lost nearly 90 lbs. and at 165 I'm down 80 lbs.)

There are a lot of excuses to avoid the lifestyle changes needed to get rid of that fat. "I've got big bones" or "it's in my genes", or "losing weight is just too hard". We used these and more to put off the inevitable.

We are both type 2 diabetics. I was taking as many glucophage pills as my doctor would allow me, to control my blood sugar. I was headed down a path that would lead to insulin "shots" and full-out diabetes.

The "wake-up call" came when in June, 2005 we went to Yellowstone and RoseMary couldn't walk around any of the geyser trails with the family. When we got home she was still having chest pains and shortness of breath, so she made an appointment with her doctor.

After several lab tests and visits he informed her that the real problem was her body fat. It was smothering her heart and lungs. If she didn't get the weight off, he told her, she probably wouldn't live another year.

Those arguments against changing sounded hollow. Especially the one about weight loss being too hard. It's not too hard to lose weight, it is too hard hearing that you or your spouse won't live another year!

In August, 2005 RoseMary joined Weight Watchers. I waited until January 2, 2006. We'd tried Weight Watchers around 1990 and had lost weight, but we didn't change our live enough to keep it off. As the pictures above shows, in the intervening years we had found our lost weight and more. Now we had real reason to change our lifestyles.

RoseMary's story
Dennis' story