Lake Tahoe

On the California-Nevada border is one of the world's beautiful lakes. Renowned for its clear blue waters, surrounded by high mountain peaks it offers beautiful scenery year-around.

Logan Shoals, March 31, 2002

On Easter Sunday, several of the grandkids and I went sledding on "backbreaker" hill. Technically, they went sledding and I took the pictures - a perfect arrangement. Located at Spooner Summit, this hill offers many challenges to young and old. Many broken sleighs and backs attest to the steepness of the terrain.

On our return, we stopped at the Logan Shoals vista. The day was picture-perfect. Not a ripple could be seen on the entire lake. The mountains on the west were reflected in the glassy surface.

But Easter Sunday wasn't the only beautiful day in Tahoe. On February 17 we had enjoyed another trip with fresh snow.