About the Ruff
and Puff

Many years ago, my (at the time) two children wanted a bedtime story. We (I) had grown tired of the usual stories, so I made up Ruff and Puff, "starring" Anita and (Dennis) Ray. Today Anita is 28 and Ray will be 30, so this little story has been kicking around the family quite awhile.

I have been reluctant to commit this story to "paper", even cyber-paper because it was meant to be adaptable to the audience, as any good tale would. The "heroes" have been, at various times and under various circumstances, whichever of our descendants have requested it, usually the younger two in the audience but it can also be expanded to as many children and pets as the storyteller can keep track of. When this story is read, please feel free to substitute the names of your children or grandchildren and their special pets.

We dedicate this story to all children (no matter their age), and cats, dogs and pets everywhere who know how to love and have fun.

Please drop us a line: dennis@heartslinked.com

The Ruff and Puff story