The Journey

Sometimes in our lives we are accidentally at the right place. Such was the case with me recently. I had a meeting to attend, and I was proud that I had arrived on time - in fact a few minutes early.

Something was wrong - I was the only one there. I waited until well past the time for the meeting. As I wandered around the building, I saw a picture of Christ on the wall. It brought to mind one of the hardest questions I'd ever been asked, "What is your relationship with the Lord?". Not what did I think of the Lord, not did I believe in the Lord, not even what kind of person are you. You try answering that one sometime!

I stared at the picture, remembering that question and my own journey. The words I used to describe Christ in the story flowed out of my soul. I wrote them just as they appear in the story. But somehow I needed to use those words ... over the next three days the beginning, the journey, the crowds, all that flowed as well. As I re-read what I had written, I suddenly knew how it had to end as well.

Oh yeah, the meeting - After I gave up waiting for the others, I returned home and discovered that I had the right place and time - but I was three days early - or right on time, depending on your perspective.


Dennis Anderson

March 4, 2003

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The Journey