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This story is true. I've always thought that my grandfather really did suspect that the gospel was true, but he manged to supress it for most of his life.

My grandparents lived in a house that my grandfater built himself on their farm near Malta, Idaho. They had no indoor plumbing, except for the cold water that was pumped directly from their well into the kitchen sink. The East side of the house consisted of a large front room and an equally large kitchen. The West side of the house had a large bedroom on each end, the northern bedroom was the children's and the southern bedroom was my grandparent's. Between the two bedrooms was a smaller bedroom that was used for the nursery.

Just outside the nursery window was a large rosebush. I still remember afternoon naps in that room and waking to hear the birds singing and doing bird things in that rosebush.

I suppose I ought to say something about Jean, as she figures into this story. When they were younger, she would wake my mother, Donna, to accompany her as she went sleep-walking. This terrified my mother, but she didn't dare tell Jean "no".

Later, Donna found that Jean's sleep-walking and talking could be used to some advantage. After Jean returned from a date, her sisters would wait until she had gone to sleep, then they would ply her with questions about the date. eyesSince she was truly asleep, Jean answered them truthfully. I'm sure she never did anything on her dates that she was ashamed to talk about afterward!

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