Caroline Caldwell Neddo Dimmick

Caroline was Dennis' Great-great grandmother. This story is essentially historical and was told and retold in our family over the generations. Caroline's family was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Canada. Like many other Saints, they left their native home at the request of Brigham Young to "build Zion".

They ran out of money and stayed in Michigan to save enough to finish the journey to Utah. While in Michigan, Caroline met and married her Charles.

Caroline was married a couple of times in Utah and finally consented to be sealed to her third husband, George Dimmick, after many years of separation and divorce from Charles. She loved Charles and we can only guess at the difficulty of her decision, to leave.

One of my daughters was faced with a difficult decision a few years ago. While I attended a Church meeting, I suddenly felt a need to write the story that follows. I wrote without pausing or thinking for nearly an hour and when the meeting had concluded, there was no need to further edit the story. I had never linked Caroline's story to my daughter's decision but I knew that night that the two were linked.

This story is dedicated to Caroline, Charles and their physical and spiritual heirs.

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The Caroline Caldwell Dimmick story