Welcome to San Jose, California

San Jose is located on the south end of the San Francisco Bay, about 50 miles from San Francisco and Oakland.
To the west is the Pacific Ocean, Santa Cruz is just 30 or so miles away and Monterey, to the southwest is 55 or so miles.monterey beach
TahoeLake Tahoe is just over 200 miles east.
We have 300 sunny days a year with almost no rain or cloudy days from May through November, but we don't have the coastal and San Francisco fogs. San Jose is the "capital" of Silicon Valley, with about 800,000 people. Houses are expensive here ... Fixer-uppers run $200,000 and more ... mostly more.

There isn't really a Silicon Valley, but there is a long line of high-tech businesses lining the freeways. Where else do you see freeway billboards extolling the virtues of one ASIC or CPU chip over another? And of course, everybody knows "... your best buys are always at Frys".

For the uninitiated, Frys is a one-stop "hacker" shopping center where you can buy all the parts to make your own cable, board or other electronic doo-dad, your Twinkies and Coke, and software or books. Frys has expanded to include Tvs, stereos and other appliances, but they still carry all the computer nerd stuff as well. But be forewarned, if you are looking for technical help (or even just finding something), Fry's gives all their employees an aptitude test, then hires the failures.

But the best part of San Jose, for us, are our kids and grandkids. We have "grandparent" memberships in the Monterey Bay Aquariumsea otters
purple bldgand the Children's Discovery Museum here in San Jose.

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