Peterson Family Photos

Winn and LaVon while Kayleen looks on

These were scanned from a small "Grandma's Brag book".  Originals measured about 2.5" square.

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LaVon Peterson, Winn Peterson, Thelma Thornley and Don Thornley

Winn, ShanaDeen Johnson, Ronald Johnson, RoseMary Peterson

Ronnie's first birthday
Front row: Fernando (Junior), Natalie and Monica Sanchez
Second and third rows: Kayleen Sanchez, Barbara Johnson, Grandpa Winn Peterson, RoseMary Peterson, Grandma LaVon Peterson, Ronny Dean Johnson, Mom ShanaDeen Johnson
Standing Dad Ronald Johnson, Andy Sanchez

Shana's first wedding

Johnsons with RoseMary
RoseMary, Mom Shana, Ronny, Barbara, Dad Ronald

Sanchez family
Monica, Dad Andy, Fernando Albert (Junior), Mom Kayleen

Sanchez Children
Monica, Natalie, Albert (Fernando)

Natalie Sanchez

Jerry with gun and stuffed animal

Jerry's birthday cake

Jerry on his mission

Jerry on his mission (2)

Jose Nina and friend
Jose was an 4-S exchange student from Bolivia who lived with Petersons in 1962.

Jose and RoseMary
Jose taught RoseMary to knit.

Grandpa Winn, Jose and RoseMary

RoseMary by Winn's GMC truck

Grandma Nettie Hayes

Grandma Nettie Hayes and Grandpa Parkin Kennan Hayes

Hayes family
Front row: RoseMary, Grandpa PK, Grandma Nettie, Fernando Albert
Back rows: Winn Peterson, Jerry Andy Sanchez, Kayleen, LaVon Peterson, Barbara Johnson, Shana, Ronald

Grandpa PK Hayes burial

PK burial flowers

Teena Peterson's wedding attendants

Teena and Leon's wedding cake

Teena's parents Marion and Hal Wright, Leon Hillyard's parents