Grandma's 85!

A few months back one of my nieces asked me about a family reunion 'cause it's been awhile since the family got together. Probably last time was Grandpa's funeral.

I've been kicking around some ideas and with a bit of help decided on this:

The reunion will be July 29, 2006 (that's a Saturday) in Smithfield at Mack Park - 325 E. Canyon Road. That's the same park where we celebrated Grandma's and Grandpa's 60th anniversary.

All of you Peterson descendants come from a noble birthright - from both Grandma's and Grandpa's side. Most of you probably know that Petersons were in the Willie handcart company. Did you know that some of your ancestral kin were in Nauvoo and Winter Quarters? Some gave their lives trying to get to Zion. Some fought in the revolution, right from the first days, and some were on the Mayflower. Be proud of your family history!

As the date approaches I'll fill in some of those stories with names and dates and places.

We'll pay a visit to the Nephi handcart pageant Wednesday night, July 26. If at all possible, I'd really urge you to see a performance of the Nephi pageant. We took a bunch of our grandkids the past two years and every time we needed Kleenexes - for everybody, not just the old folks. It really let's your ancestors talk to your heart.

I'll be leading a tour of Cache Valley family sites Friday, July 28. Exact itinerary will follow later. It'll be structured so you can join us anytime, as your personal schedule permits.

I don't have e-mail or snail-mail addresses for everyone. I'm asking that you pass this on so we can get to everybody.


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