Charles Augustus Davis

Parkin Kennan Hayes was Grandma Von's father. His mother was Ruth Elizabeth Davis and her parents were Charles and Ruth Davis.

Charles Augustus Davis was born October 13, 1810 in Princeton, Massachusetts, to James Davis and Miranda (or Myranda ) Jones.

Charles married Catherine Spring on January 10, 1833. Catherine died on March 24, 1838 and was buried in Grafton, Massachussetts. They had one child, James, who was born August 4, 1837 and died just a few days later on August 18, 1837.

He later married Ruth Elizabeth Kennan on March 2, (or April 11) 1839. Ruth was 18 years old at the time.

Eventually the couple had 12 children. Emily Marie was born June 9, 1840 and Charles Edward was born September 5, 1842 at Hubbardston, Massachussetts. Andrew Augustus was born September 10, 1845 in Nauvoo and died September 14, 1846, probably in Iowa. Child number 4, Warren Edgar was born on June 13, 1848 at Calhoun, Iowa. Lydia Ann was born June 7, 1851 in Big Cottonwood (near Salt Lake), Utah Sara Henrietta was born at Big Cottonwood on March 5, 1852. Child number 7, Mary Miranda was born June 23, 1854 in Palmyra, Utah. The remaining 5 children were all born in Spanish Fork, Utah – Ruth Elizabeth on December 13, 1856; Lucretia on January 29, 1859; Elijah Don Alonzo on December 16, 1861; Aurelia Theresa on May 4, 1863 and finally John Gould on January 22, 1867.

Charles was baptized on July 24, 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois. Charles and Ruth were endowed on January 9, 1846 in the Nauvoo temple Charles was ordained a 70 while they were in Nauvoo.

Catherine, Charles’ first wife, was baptized via proxy on July 28, 1844 at Nauvoo. It appears that either Charles or Ruth was the proxy for Catherine.

Charles and Ruth were in the 1850 wagon train led by William Snow and Joseph Young. The wagon train left Kanesville (present-day Council Bluffs), Iowa on June 21, 1850. Charles and Ruth with their 3 children at the time were part of the third company in the wagon train. Their captain was Warren Smith. Charles is listed as having one wagon with 6 cattle (oxen). See,18016,4976-6103,00.html

Wagon trains, at least "Mormon" trains, were divided into groups of approximately 10 wagons or families. In general, the company of 10 would travel as an autonomous group, but always subject to the orders of the wagonmasters.

In Nebraska, there were so many buffalo they had to chase them from the trail and after the wagons had passed the buffalo would close back in. Death was a constant possibility on the trail. On some days travel they passed more graves than miles traveled. They lost a few members of the wagon train, mostly to cholera, but the mortality rate wasn't any greater than other "Mormon" trains and certainly better than the rate of the "goldseekers" that were traveling at the same time.

In part this was due to the fact that the "Mormon" trains were better equipped than the California-bound trains. Brigham Young had established a list of items that each company of 10 should have before they set out to cross the plains. The LDS people as a whole had left most of their worldly goods in Kirtland, Missouri and Nauvoo as they were forced out each time. The "gentiles" tended to pack their wagons with heavier furniture and household goods that they then had to abandon along the way.

At one point many of the animals in the train stampeded. At least one child was run over by a wagon and several of the men were caught between the oxen and the wagons, but nobody was killed or even severely injured. Another time a child was run over and appeared dead. He was administered to and recovered immediately.

They arrived in the Salt Lake valley between October 1 and October 4.

Charles listed his occupation as a shoemaker in the 1851 Utah census. In 1860 and 1870 he was listed as a farmer. He also served as the Spanish Fork postmaster for 25 years.

Sometime after their arrival in Utah, Charles was made a High Priest. On December 3, 1856 Charles took Emma David as his third wife. He has other wives listed as well.

Ruth died May 19, Spanish Fork. Charles died August 29, 1897 in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Charles' picture in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah   Warren Davis (Charles and Ruth's son and his son Warren in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah

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