Some Short Peterson Ancestral Stories

These were a series of e-mails that I sent to the Winn and :LaVon Peterson descendants on the dates shown. There are some personal asides that I have left in them. In some cases I have left intact the source document with a few editor's notes. Most of these are synopses of several histories that I was able to find. I'm sure there are errors in all of these, just as there are in any histories. I apologize for any inaccuracies and assure the reader that they were purely accidental.

Tilley and Howland Originally sent 22 November, 2005
Davises at Lexington and Concord Originally sent Decmber 25, 2005
Maria Davis Originally sent January 22, 2006
Charles Augustus Davis and Ruth Elizabeth Kennan Originally sent February 15, 2006
James O. Peterson and the Willie handcart company Originally sent March 19, 2006
Thomas Griffin Winn Originally sent March 27, 2006
Dem Bones, a ghost story

Robert Weekes and Mary Ann Baldry Oriiginally sent April 16, 2006
Thomas McBride and Catherine John Originally sent June 8, 2006
William Pope and 'Kit' McBride Originally sent June 11, 2006
Autobiograhy of James McBride Posted July 4, 2006

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