2004 Oregon Trip

Portland Zoo

One odd thing, at least for us, was the fact that in Oregon you're not allowed to pump your own gas. Break MY Heart!

Between Shasta and Portland we spent the night just outside of Eugene. There's a Good Sam campground that is a bit run-down and looked like a good place to avoid. As we pulled in we saw a couple of rabbits in the field next to the RV park. As we pulled further in we saw more rabbits and ducks. The campground wasn't the best, but the owners were nice and the kids loved the animals running "wild".

Alex, Robbie, Kenny and Ryan don't like the morning sun. Notice the duck and the bunny on the left.

The Oregon Zoo in Portland is a fairly good medium-sized zoo. We spent half-a-day there with the kids.



Mount Shasta, CA
Eugene, Oregon and the Portland Zoo
The Oregon Aquarium Gleneden Beach, Oregon
Three Capes Road Other Beaches
Sea Lion Cave Avenue of the Giants