2004 Oregon Trip

Gleneden beach

We stayed three nights in the Worldmark/Trendwest condo at Gleneden beach. The condo was typical of Trendwest - nicely furnished and plenty of room for all of us. There was a fireplace in the frontroom/kitchen and a washer and dryer which was much needed after the kids played at the beach. The kids took advantage of the pool and spa when it quit raining.

Our biggest complaint was the lack of RV parking and turn-around space, which we discovered AFTER winding down the road into the main parking lot. Fortunately, RoseMary was up to the task of backing around and getting us squared away. The second complaint was that we were tied to one locale for three nights; that condo just doesn't move to a new spot every day like the motorhome does.

This isn't really a complaint, but when we parked in the extra parking up the hill from the condo, Rosemary and I discovered that our suitcase was 31 feet long and weighed 7 tons. Our clothes were in drawers and closets in the motorhome and our suitcases were in San Jose! We broke out plastic bags and packed the clothes we needed to the condo. Fortunately the kids all had suitcases so that wasn't an issue for them.




Mount Shasta, CA
The Oregon Aquarium Gleneden Beach, Oregon
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Sea Lion Cave Avenue of the Giants