March 2008 Oregon Trip

Just 6 of us, Dennis, RoseMary, Ryan, Alex, Robbie and Kenny, went to Oregon from March 22 - March 30. The purpose of the trip was to see Laurel's new baby and bring her, and her two sons, Zeke and Greyson, to San Jose for a visit. The timing was to coincide with the kids Easter vacation from school. When we planned this Oregon trip, we knew it would rain, but we hoped there would also be nice periods when we could get out and do stuff with the kids.

The boys, Kenny, Ryan, Zeke and Alex pass the rainy times by playing on Justin's computer.
In the meantime RoseMary plays with Greyson. He enjoys the sweater that Grandma crocheted for him.
Greyson gets comfortable.
And somebody ate Grandpa's whipped Cream!

During the breaks in the rain and - yes - snow, the kids loved to go to a park that's along the Willamette river, just 1/4 mile from Laurel's.

The boys are playing on the skate board park. Who needs skates?
Ryan and RoseMary pass each other on the skate board court.

Some nice flowers grow in the woods and shrubs at the park.

We delayed our Easter celebration until Monday, March 24 because of the rain and cold weather. Finally, late in the day we had an Easter egg hunt with tons of candy for the kids - including Grandma and Grandpa. Here's a few pictures of the festivities:

Kenny and Robbie hunt eggs in Laurel's backyard.
Zeke's chasing after eggs.
Zeke's found a nest of eggs.

 All that's well and good, BUT there's still a major problem facing the tour director/grandfather. How do you provide a meaningful, memorable experience when the weather just won't cooperate?

Here's how we did it this time!

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