Along the Old Mormon Trail
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Who were the original pioneers?

What about the sesquicentennial wagon train?

wagon ruts more wagon ruts
Michael, Chantel and David at the wagon ruts near Guernsey, Wyoming, in the Southeast corner of the state. These ruts mark the old wagon trail near Signature Cliffs, along the Platte river. Here Ryan joins Michael, Chantel and David to see where the trail was worn to shoulder height through the soft rock of the hill.
trail buddies indepence rock
No, it's not Christopher Robbin and Winnie the Pooh, it's Dennis and Robbie walking along the wagon trail. Michael and David are in the background. Independence Rock was an important trail marker. Nearby are Devil's Gate, a source of wonder to the pioneers, and Martin's Cove.
hand carts today rock creek grave
With Devil's Gate, in the background, the Church has established a handcart memorial. You can borrow a handcart like this one pulled by David and Michael. Cheri and Anita (in the knee brace) walk alongside, while Ryan, Chantel and Robbie ride along. It's about a two mile walk to Martin's cove from the memorial. Chantel and Michael on a hill above the spot of a mass grave of the Willie handcart company at Rock Creek, just a few miles East of South Pass and the Continental Divide. 13 people were buried in the grave and two more died later that same day and were buried nearby. It was reported that wolves ravaged the grave of the 13, a common occurrence along the trail.
flat tire Big Mountain
If you go to Rock Creek, near Atlantic City, Wyoming, take along plenty of spare tires. Dennis is changing one of the two tires that the sharp gravel ruined. Fortunately, some good people at Lander, Wyoming helped us out. Almost there (Salt Lake that is). Looking back along the trail up Big Mountain. Just a few miles from Salt Lake, this was the highest point along the Mormon trail. From this summit, the pioneers got their first glimpse of the Salt Lake Valley.

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