A few miles north of Gallatin, Missouri just off of highway 13 is Adam-ondi-ahman. This valley and surrounding hills is the place where Adam held a great coucil of his righteous posterity and where there will be another great conference of the Church at which the membership will be presented to Adam and in turn to the millenial Christ. Located along the Grand River, it is well-marked by signs along highway 13.

1 is exit 61 from I-35 You may also take exit 64 onto highway 6.

The spiritual feeling in this place was similar to the feelings we had in the sacred Grove. It's possible that another visitor may not have those feelings. It's been my experience that those feelings are closely related to our state of mind and our willingness to let the spirit guide us.

The gang
The valley
Jeannette teaches the group
Some flowers
Reading one of the plaques along the way
Another view of the valley
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From Adam-Ondi-Ahman we went to Mark Twain's hometown, Hanibal, Missouri. Along the way we passed through Chilicothe and saw several Amish farms. Get there by taking SR 13 south to US 36. It's about 235 miles to Hannibal.