Take the Heartlinks tour of the Waiamea Valley and Falls

On the extreme north end of Oahu is Waiamea Bay and inland is the Waiamea Valley with it's waterfall and cliff divers at the back end of the valley. This valley is a garden spot, with tropical plants (all are labeled to help the tourist) imported from many parts of the world, and an old Hawaiian village on the site of one of the oldest Oahuan settlements. Included in the entrance fee ($24 for adults, $12 for children) is a tram system with the Park's own tour guides, or you can walk the mile or so to the waterfalls. Hint - it's easier to walk out than in and you can learn about each area from the guide then take your time exploring the areas that interest you at your leisure.

There are games for the family to play, learn to toss a fish net, spear pigs or hunt with bow and arrow. Darrell and I proved once again we were born at the right time in history ... depending on our skills as hunters and fishermen would prove disastrous.

The Waiamea Valley Park is best seen without a tour guide. Take your time, enjoy and see it all.

Most of the plants you see around the island are "exotics" - that is they are not native to the islands. They were either brought by the Polynesian settlers or more recently by other immigrants. The sandalwood trees have disappeared and been replaced with eucalyptus, mahogany or other trees imported from other topical areas. The coconut, taro, sweet potato, pineapple, sugar cane and macademia are all foreigners, some more recent imports and some older. Even the plumeria or frangipangi tree flowers used in leis are native to Florida and Central America.

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