Manoa Falls

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On the outskirts of Honolulu is Manoa Falls. This is one of the few times I recommend a guided tour. The Hawaiian Isle Adventures guide company is GREAT! Our guides knew what they were talking about and were fun and helpful.

Another advantage to taking a tour is that "independent business people", who specialize in "car-exploration" may visit the lot where you park your car. I guess they are just offering real traditional Hawaiian welcomes. Captain Cook's problems started when one of the Hawaiians "borrowed" a boat and dismantled it for the wood and the iron fittings. Cook's crew's problems were further compounded when his body was "borrowed" to be offered to a Hawaiian God. Eventually his bones were returned to his English crew. Hmmm there seems to be a pattern here.

Now, having said that, allow me to add that Hawaiians are no different than any other people. Five of the original missionary families to Hawaii are now some of the biggest land holders in Hawaii and we all know what happened to the native Americans when us whites came. I'm not sure what all that says about human nature. I guess everywhere there are people who have found "alternative employment" just as there are wonderful people who will literally give you the shirt off their backs.

The trail to the falls is one Hawaiian mile long, through a rain forest. Those who know trails rate the trail as easy, although the Idahokid rates it as slick and strenuous ... could be all the years behind the keyboard. Along the way, the guides introduce you to some of the native and not-so-native plants and talk about their uses.

The falls themselves are around 100 feet high with a small pool at the base of the cliff.

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