Our Trip to the island of Oahu

May 2 - 9, 1999

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oahu map

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waiamea polynesian cultural center pineapples byodo-in
Waiamea Valley Park Polynesian Cultural Center Pineapples Byodo-in Buddhist temple
pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor Waikiki Beach Nu'uanu Pali Waimanalo (windward side)
Paradise Cove LuauManoa Falls

Our tour "group" consisted of RoseMary, Dennis, our daughter Anita, her husband Darrell, their three kids, Michael, Chantel and Ryan and Darrell's grandmother, Myrtle (Fritzie) Fritz. Darrell and Anita made the travel arrangements for us through Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays.

We stayed at the Waikiki Beachcomber, which is just across the street from the beach. Our 21st floor room gave us a wonderful view of the mountains on the north and the beach on the south. What a way to wake up in the morning!

In my opinion, the sound of the Hawaiian language is the most beautiful language I have heard. Every letter is pronounced and always(except for W) sound the same. W is usually pronounced as we do, but is pronounced as "v" in certain words - Hawaii and Ewa come to mind.

Obviously a week isn't enough to learn a language that is spoken by few. Neither is it enough time to learn local history or ancient customs. One of our guides, a native Hawaiian, told us that the language and history are not taught in the public schools at all, even though US history and English are.

Travelers' tips:

As they say in Hawaii Mohalo (thanks).

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