Donna and Ray Anderson ancestry pages

Many of the histories here are a direct result of work performed by my parents, Donna and Ray. Donna came by her interest in our ancestors naturally. Her mother, Charlotte, and especially her two aunts, Ann and Ella Neddo, left her a vast heritage of our ancestors.

Ray was drug into family history almost unwillingly. He used to say "It's more important to be with the living than the dead". But he supported Mom's efforts and between the two they gathered many stories that otherwise might have been lost to our family.

They always found more time to be with the "living" than the dead anyway. They covered many thousands of miles and wore out several cars to be with family. All knew that Donna and Ray were just a phone call away anytime and anyplace they were needed.

I tried to think of a good way to show the relationship of the people whose histories are or will be presented on this site. My wife, RoseMary, suggested a pedigree chart format. That seemed like a good idea to me, but I wasn't sure how to prepare such a chart for the web. Eventually I realized that my Family History software, PAF 5, could prepare the chart and then I could capture the screen and paste it into my graphics editor and convert it to a JPEG for display on the web.

Here are the two pedigree charts:


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