Born 4th May 1830

Based on a history written by Eva Proctor
and a daily diary kept by Mouritz,
collected and compiled by Ray and Donna Anderson
edited and revised by Dennis Anderson

I am grateful to the persons named above for their assistance over the years. First, to my parents, Ray and Donna for their example and teachings. To Eva for the effort that she put into writing and gathering of so many of the histories of our ancestors. Finally to Mouritz for the good sur-name which I bear.

Andres Andrew Mogensen and his wife Katrina Maria Madsen owned a farm in the small village of Try, Denmark in the early 1800s. Try (Eva used Trise for the town name, perhaps that was the historic name) is on the outskirts of Droninglund, in the northern peninsula of Denmark about 130 English miles from Copenhagen.

Nordjylland is the name of the district that we find on the maps today, Hjorring may have been the historic name, not just the name of a town in the district. The modern boundary between Denmark and Germany is the southern border of Sonderjylland. In 1830 it was the southern border of Schleswig-Holstein.

Satellite map with overlays of the Aalborg, Droninglund area.
"Zoomed" view of Try and Droninglund.

Andres and Katrina were married on 16 October, 1825. Their first child, a son, was born 28 August, 1828. They named him Mads Christian Andersen. As was the Danish custom, the children's surname was the father's given name with "sen" appended to it.

On 4 May, 1830 a second son was born to the couple. They named this boy Mouritz Peter Andersen.

Just one year and 22 days later, on 25 May, 1831, a third son was born to Andres and Katrina. They gave this boy the name of Jens Christian (or Christen) Andersen.

Four more children followed. Mette Marie Andersen on 12 December, 1834. Christian Peter Andersen born on 30 October, 1836. Christina Laurine Andersen born 19 January, 1844 and Mariane Andersen born on 20 June, 1848.

Some records indicate that these last 4 children all died before even reaching one year of age, but it appears in other records that at least some survived to adulthood. Interestingly, Mouritz' own diary only refers to one brother - Gens (or Jens), perhaps because Christian was dead or because only Gens immigrated to Utah.

Eva Proctor tells us:

"They were taught to work hard, idle hands were the devil's working tools, and man's tool against the evil one was work and study. The Bible was their text book and they learned to read well from it. Mouritz seemed to master the art of writing and at an early age he started writing a day to day sketch of his life and from that, this story is being written in his honor."


"In the neighborhood where Mouritz was working there lived a family who were good friends of his parents. They had two boys, Sern and Jens Simonsen, the same age as Mouritz and his brother, Mads, they became good friends. The Simon Christensen's also had two daughters, Annie Christena and Johanna. Mouritz and Annie became very good friends, and much to their parents' hopes they were married in the summer of 1852 and her cousin, Catherine Marie Christensen was married the same day to Jens Christen. [According to the " records" Mouritz and Annie were married sometime in 1856. I'm not sure which date is correct. Jens (Gens) and Catherine were married November 16, 1854.]


"The Mormon Elders came to their district the fall of 1855 and Mouritz became interested in their preaching. A few of his friends were baptized. But he was working in the peat mines and never had a chance until January 29th, 1864, when Elder J .C. Holm and Elder Peter Petersen came back to their district. Elder Holm baptized and Elder Petersen confirmed him, both events took place in Copenhaven, Denmark."

Mouritz Anderson 1830 - 1864 (birth to LDS baptism) Mouritz Anderson 1864 (soldier)
Mouritz Anderson 1864 - 1871 (Emigration to Utah) Mouritz Anderson 1871 - 1885 (Settling in Utah and death)

Eva Proctor's history of Mouriz Anderson

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