Shana and Van's Wedding - Preparations

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Shana and Van announced their wedding plans to the family on Christmas day. The original plan was to have the wedding in Las Vegas, but that was changed when some family members couldn't attend. We had less than three months to make all the preparations including all the decorations and find the support staff that is usually combined with a wedding chapel or other wedding site.

One place that came to mind was the Japanese Peace garden in Happy Hollow Park. It turns out that weddings are not allowed in the peace garden, but in the course of finding that out we heard about the museum.

The museum was perfect. They could accomodate us no matter what the weather, the price was reasonable and they had a large barbecue area for the reception later.

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apollobrit dreamingbrit and grannyhappy cheri
Stephanie's ApolloBrit dreams of being a beautiful bride like her mommy.Grandma and Stephanie play.Cheri happily tries on her maid-of-honor headpiece.
brandon as a bridehamming it up for the camerapants under the dressmaking the dress
Brandon gets to play bridesmaid by trying on Chantel's headpiece. Happy about it isn't he?Kenny and Stephanie ham it up for the camera while Grandma talks to Brandon.White leather pants were hidden beneath the dress so Van and Shana could make their get-away on Van's motorcycle.They bought a dress, then RoseMary picked it apart and remade it completely.
Alex and Brittany practiceCheri and Brandon practiceVan
Alex & Stephanie practice for their part in the weddingCheri & Brandon show them how it's doneVan "rehearses" for his part.