Our 2009 Summer Trip - San Francisco Bay Area - Part 2

We started off with a visit to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA. Cameras weren't allowed on the tour.

Before we visited the factory, zeke enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cone In the Jelly Belly foyer - Lindsey, Kenny, Alex, Robbie, Charlyn, Jaxson and Ryan We're ready for the tour
On the way home we stopped by the overlook on I-80 near Vallejo

The next day we visited the Henry Cowell California State Park near Felton, CA with its grove of old-growth Redwoods:

Our group at the start of the trail through the redwoods One of the hollow redwoods along the trail. Our group among the redwoods
Jaxson at the entrance to the large hollow tree. There's a story that Kit Carson once spent the night in this tree. Zeke enters the big hollow tree. There's also a story of entire weddings being staged inside the tree. Cassie leaves the tree. This isn't the biggest tree in the park, but it's probably the biggest hollow, definitely big enough to fit 12 cub scouts.
Surprise - the ogre does live in a tree
Click on Grandpa's image to see a movie clip

After a hair-raising trip down the vary narrow and twisting Highway 9, thanks to RoseMary's excellent driving, we arrived at the Natural Bridges State Park on the north side of Santa Cruz. The beach is a great one for tidepools as well as nice sand to play in.

When we first came to California, there were two natural Bridges, but a few years ago the first one, in the gap, collapsed The sand is deep and soft - just right for burying teen-agers in. There is one large, sandy tide-pool for wading. Further to the west, are rocks with small tide-pools and urchins, starts and other small sea animals.

The adventure continues by visiting Zion Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon among other Arizona and Utah destinations..

San Francisco Bay Area

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