Our 2009 Summer Trip - San Francisco Bay Area

We attended Alex' middle school graduation at the HP Pavillion (Shark Tank)

Alex is on the Jumbotron. Alex, parents and Kenny. Hey, at least one of Alex' grandfathers knows how to be comfortable.

and family party afterward. Mike and Mary Clarke, the ever gracious hosts and Alex' other grandparents, volunteered the use of their home and yard for a graduation party for Alex.

Chantel and Lindsey test the treats. Jarrett and Justin help Greyson with the car. Kenny and Cassie Clarke and Zeke Anderson-King with Mike and Mary's dog.
Emily, Zeke and Cassie try to persuade Greyson to stay in the car. Alex Clarke, Robbie Anderson and Ryan Clarke disucuss the fine points of their video game.

Jarrett and our other grandkids find a loud nook to fit into.


First the Children's Discovery Center and the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose, then there was a birthday party for Jaxson.

Jaxson and Zeke painted their own faces at the Discovery Center Placing and lighting candles for an outdoor party is always a challenge All the younger people played football, including Zeke and Jaxson
Ray and Darrell look on. Guess they're no longer among the younger people Of course every birthday party's gotta have lotsa loot for the honoree. And every birthday boy gets a hug from Grandma


The family threw an early Fathers' Day surprise party that was much appreciated.

Hangin' by the pool Greyson's wondering who these people are Hurrah for the Anderson family
Trying to put Jaxson on the human pyramid Swinging the boys Clarke family portrait with a certain intruder
Portrait with our daughters The grandkids and us - including an upside-down Jaxson Clarke family posing with us
Charlyn, Robbie and us Shana's family and us All of our kids who were there - love them all


San Francisco Bay Area

Part 1 - Parties and Graduation

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In the continuation, we visited the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, the Henry Cowell State Park near Felton and spent an afternoon at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz.