Our 2009 summer trip - Northern Utah - Part 1

We stopped by Kay and Andy's and visited with their daughters and some of their grandkids. Our grandkids appreciuated the time just to play and be kids.

Jaxson, Cassie and baby Lily. After being around Lily, Jaxson told his mother "I've been waiting and waiting for a baby sister". Ryan entertained us with a few selections on the keyboard. I could say something like a woman's place is in the kitchen, but I wanna live.
Some of the kids played dodgeball and soccer in the big backyard. Kay and Andy's backyard was a bit torn up for construction that Andy was doing.
Oh Lindsey, be careful of that arm. Don't want your folks to think that their faith in us was misplaced. RoseMary, Jeannette and Kayleen's daughters on the patio. Hmmm kids watering plants .... but where's the water coming from?
Oh, I see where it's coming from now! Jeannette and kids at the pool. Of course, if you're gonna play with water ya gotta be prepared. RoseMary controls the water gun!

We stayed the night in Provo and early the next morning found our way to the Oquirrh LDS temple open-house.

Home-made cookies and water were served for refreshments. Lindsey and Ryan sure clean up nice. The group outside the temple.

After attending the open house, it was time to head back to Cache Valley. Even the sunset seemed to welcome us home. Even the storm clouds the following afternoon seemed more friendly than threatening.

We needed to show the kids some of our Cache Valley favorites. First, even though it technically isn't part of Cache Valley, we took them to Bear Lake. Bear Lake's a beautiful mountain lake on the Utah Idaho border, about 40 miles east of Cache Valley. The ride from Logan to Bear Lake is always breath-taking through Logan Canyon.

At the Bear lake overlook, there was a beautiful field of flowers. Some of the group looks at Bear Lake from high above on the overlook. Cassie and Kenny with the lake and far mountains in back.
At the lake, we usually go to the north (Idaho) end. At the Idaho state beach there's plenty of sand and the water is shallow for a long ways. The Utah end of the lake has rocky beaches and fast drop-offs. The water is warmer on the north end, in part because there are some submerged hot springs there.
Kenny and Jaxson play in the sand while the other kids enjoy the water. Barbie helps Jaxson dig in the sand. Alex and Ryan try to figure out how to put together Grandpa's new kite.
The old folks sat in the shade and stuffed our faces. After swimming, the kids dry off in the shade provided by the awning.

A couple of days later we introduced the kids to one of the joys of flood irrigation.

The boys try to figure out the next move. Cassie shows off her high-kicking in the water. Kenny and the boys run through the water.

We also took the kids to the American West Historical Farm. This is a working farm modelled after the 1800's but including an indian encampment, a trapper and trader section, etc.

The older kids tried out their axe throwing skills under the watchful eye of one of the trapper docents.
Even Cassie got a turn. They have a small buffalo herd on the property.
All the kids got to try out their archery skills with bows and arrows. The kids look over the horse herd and Kenny takes a ride.

The next page shows part of our 4th of July celebration and other stuff in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho.

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