Our 2009 Summer Trip - Arizona and Southern Utah - Part 5
Cove Fort

Strictly speaking, this page isn't just about Cove Fort, although Cove Fort provided the preponderace of photograhic opportunities. we start off with the surprise I mentioned on the 3 state parks page. These pictures were taken the night we visited the three state parks.

The evening included a beautiful sunset, but that wasn't the surprise. Here's the surprise - everybody gets to fix their own dinner .... Gotta move the table into position.
Cooking up the main course Yummm! Hotdogs and chili dogs! And for dessert, Jeannette helps Zeke roast marshmallows
Jaxson enjoys s'mores.

The next morning we head north to Cove Fort. As a kid, I'd been to Cove Fort many times. Since then it's been restored, along with many of the out-buildings, and now there are organized tours led by LDS missionaries.

The fort was built around 1860 with very thick walls from lava rock. There were multiple rooms including, eventually, a telegraph room. It was a favorite resting stop for visitors and in the walls there are rifle slits, just in case they ever had to hold off an indian attack. The fort was never attacked, but provided a safe haven for the locals.

The courtyard of the fort - notice how thick even the interior walls are. This room was used for special guests, like Brigham Young, represented by the top hat. This was the girls' room - complete with sewing machine.
Lindsey, Alex and Zeke exit one of the family rooms at the fort. This restored wagon gives the kids a feeling for the main mode of cross-country travel in the 1800s. Inside the restored barn, zeke, alex and Robbie go exploring. The barn was rebuilt using exact methods, including wooden pegs and rawhide instead of nails.
Zeke and Jaxson are intrigued by the storyteller's props. Learning to play hoops like the children would have played here. Robbie in the ox stanchion. Blacksmiths used these stanchions to hold the ox while they performed things like sheing the oxen.
Kenny practices shaping wood with a (dull) draw knife. At the end of our tour, Robbie's playing on the lawn with Zeke and Jaxson. There's really no reason to include this picture, except for a bit of nostalgia. Shortly after Dad returned from WWII, there wasn't money for a birthday present, but Dad gave a 3 year-old a really great gift - a working derrick made with some sticks and string and time to play with his son. I wish I still had that derrick, but even sticks and strings only last so long for a three year-old.

We were going to take a picture by the gates after our tour, but we were "treated" to a fierce desert rainstorm instead. Look at the clouds in the derrick photo. After the rain stopped we headed north towards Manti to take in the "Miracle Pageant". Along the way, we almost got blown over near Richfield, so we pulled to the side until the windstorm passed. It seems that the Utah desert was throwing its worst at us.

We arrived at Manti and found an expensive campsite within walking distance of the temple. It was pretty much the only game in town and the operators were great people. Pageant time is their big income time out of the whole year, so I can't really hold that against them.

The audience waits for the pageant to begin. jackets and blankets help ward off the cool weather and w ehope the rain didn't follow us. The pageant is held on the slopes of temple hill. During the pageant the temple lights are turned off. I don't have pictures of the actual pageant because od the distance and lighting. The pageant got over around midnight, so it was late when we got to bed. The next morning we served sweet rolls to the kids - in bed!

We called around and found out that Kayleen and Andy's daughters were all meeting at their parents' place, so we decided to crash the party and skip Thanksgiving Point and the dinosaur museum. One more stop that we chose not to make!

Northern Utah is next.

San Francisco Bay Area

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