Our 2009 Summer Trip - Arizona and Southern Utah - Part 2
Grand Canyon

After leaving Zion National Park, we drove west, back to Hurricane (pronounced he'r-ah-cahn) and then south and east to Fredonia and highway 89 then North to Kanab. We chose not to drive the tunnel to the East entrance of Zion. We stayed at Kanab while we visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

First and only stop at the Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Point. The parking lot looks over the "Roaring Springs Canyon", a side canyon of the Grand Canyon. We make sure the little guys understand the rules of the trail - no pushing, fighting or throwing rocks and back packs with leashes are to be worn at all times. Almost to the main Grand Canyon.we begin to see it ahead and to the left.
Ryan and Robbie look at the Grand Canyon with the lodge in the background. What a lesson in geology as we look at the rock layers in Roaring Springs Canyon. The lookout at the beginning of Bright Angel Point trail.
Along the trail to Bright Angel Point Another view of Bright Angel Trail Yep, it's a long ways down there! The north rim's 1,000 feet or so higher than the south rim.
Frequent rest stops, plenty of water and snacks are essential in this hot climate. There are probably better views available in the souvenier shops, but they won't have the south rim wildfires (at least 2). There are great vistas in all directions. I couldn't resist taking these postcard views.
Looking into Bright Angel Canyon There are those who claim Bright Angel Canyon gets its name from these angel wings. The official brochure claims that Major Powell felt bad about naming an earlier canyon "Dirty devil" 'cause of its dirty water so he called this one with its crystal clear water "Bright Angel". Powell and his men probably didn't see the "wings" from far below in the Colorado. I loved the "frame" this group of trees gives to the Grand Canyon.
The trail winds around a rocky spire that a couple of brave (foolhardy?) souls decided to climb. Same rest stop - slightly different angle - to show more of the canyon. Sometimes just a slight change in position makes the picture look completely different. Some of us took the transept trail from the lodge back to the campground where we were picked up by those who took the more direct route.
Ryan, Lindsey, Kenny and Jeannette rest on a natural chair along the transept trail. The trail follows Bright Angel Canyon rim. Dropoff near the Transept trail wih towers on the other side of the canyon. Near Fredonia, at a scenic lookout and rest area, a group of Navajo women were selling jewelry. We stopped to look and buy. This is the view looking north.

And thus concludes our one-day at the Grand Canyon. Could we have done more? Probably with a smaller vehicle and more time. But that would have required us to sacrifice other destinations.

Our next stop was Bryce Canyon.

San Francisco Bay Area

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