Summer 2008 Trip

Idaho and Utah

We left West Yellowstone and started the drive back to Idaho Falls. The highlight for the family there, besides just being together, was a chance to go "ice-blocking". For the uninitiated, this is sliding down a hill on a block of ice. It's a great substitute for sleigh-riding during the summer when the sleigh runners just don't want to go.

I don't think this is the way .... See movie That's the way Zeke .... see movie Go Alex .... see movie Everybody needs help sometime
See movie
Ryan and Cassie movie Grandma does it Pod racers in training When your hands get too cold to push the block of ice back up the hill there's always BRAIN-FREEZE

From ice blocking to the Preston Night Rodeo. A friend asked me recently if I spoke "cowboy". My answer would be "yep, thet theah's mah nateev lenguege."

Grandma Rosie just has to clean Zeke's face 1800x1200 1200x900 600x450 Zeke's in love - don't know if it's the cowgirl or the horse 1800x1200 1200x900 600x450 Mutton bustin' is always a popular rodeo attraction. This little girl made it the length of the rodeo arena. 1200x900 600x450

Then to Grandma Von's house. Enlarge to 1800 1200 600

Swinging at Grandma's, a visit to Bear Lake, swimming in the ditch, climbing Grandma's tree and going to the fair and rodeo are always favorite Cache Valley activities. This trip we also had to build a new ladder for the kids to use when climbing Grandma's tree.

Zeke loved Grandma's swing (click to see movie) Kennie, Ryan, Alex, Lindsey and Cassie "burying" Robbie at Bear Lake. 2400x1800 1200x900 600x450 While Steve, Barbie, RoseMary, me (guess where) and Jerry enjoy the lake in our own way. 2400x1800 1200x900 600x450
And Zeke enjoys the view from his world. 1200 600 The ditch swimmer 1600 600 Grandma Von, Barbie and RoseMary serve as lifeguards. 2400 1200 600

Cassie, Kenny, Robbie and Alex cut the boards for the new ladder

1800 1200 600

Steve and RoseMary help Kenny drill pilot holes in the lumber, while Cassie looks on.
2400 1200 600
Steve helps Cassie and Kenny assemble the ladder while Zeke tries to figure it out.
2400 1200 600

Ladder's done and in seconds it's being used by Kenny, Cassie and even Zeke.
2400 1200 600

Ryan and Robbie are way up.

2400 1200 600

Ryan's found a perch

2400 1200 600

The summer drought broke the night we went to the rodeo. When we went into the grounds there was a beautiful double rainbow. It poured during the rodeo, but die-hard fans that we are, we stuck it out. After all, when you're soaked, how much wetter can you get?

Double Rainbow over Logan Zeke and RoseMary "tough" it out.


And that's the story of our summer 2008 trip.

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